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Crop Intensification Program (CIP)

Districts in which the initiative operates

Program Name:Crop Intensification Program (CIP)

Funded By: Government of Rwanda

Budget: 9,092,287,371 RWF

Timeline: Started in 2007 – On Going


The Crop Intensification Program (CIP)was launched   September 2007,
as a pilot program with the main goals of increasing agricultural productivity
in high-potential food crops and ensuring food security and self-sufficiency

Coverage : All Districts

Main activities:

- Land use consolidation
- Improved seed and fertilizers use
- Proximity extension service by proximity service providers             
- Agricultural product marketing
- Change in farmer’s behaviours,
- Promote Agro inputs dealer’s network
- Stimulate reliable, private-sector input and output markets:  through fertilizer
electronic auc-tions
- Food sufficiency and sovereignty of Rwanda

Land Consolidation:

- Growing one crop in the same area by different farmers
- Each farmer has his own plot (Property) in the consolidated area
- Done on farmer’s commitment before the season starts,
- Crop choice motivated by agro-bio climate conditions and economic potential

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