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Bugesera Natural Region Rural Infrastructure Support Project (PAIRB)

Project Name: Bugesera Natural Region Rural Infrastructure Support Project (PAIRB) 

Partners: Bugesera District, RAB, HEIFER, CIP, ADEAR-UGAMA

Funded By: African Development Fund (ADF) 

Budget: UA 14.98 million 

Timeline: 1st April 2010 to 31st December 2015 (5 Years) 

Objective: Improve food security in Bugesera region through a sustainable increase in agricultural production 

Coverage: Bugesera District (Gashora, Rweru, Ruhuha, Kamabuye, Ngeruka, Shyara, Nyarugenge, Mareba, Ntarama and Musenyi Sectors).

Main activities:

Component 1: Irrigation Development

       (1) Development of lake and marshland watersheds over 2300 ha

       (2) Rehabilitation of irrigation facilities over 750 ha (Gashora marshland)

       (3) Technical studies for hillside irrigation development over 1000 ha

       (4) Support to small scale irrigation over 100ha of small hillside areas watered by lakes

       (5) Development of production: popularizing new agricultural techniques through farmer field schools (FFS), distribution of cattle (1600 cows) and goats (1395) rearing with irrigated farming; organization of farmers into cooperatives

Component 2: Other Infrastructure

       (1) Setting up of storage and processing facilities 

                          - 3 silos of 6000MT capacity

                          - 2 Milk Collection Centers

                          - 4 Seeds storage facilities of 1200MT capacity

                          - 2 Road markets

      (2) Technical study for rehabilitation of 50 km of rural access roads


Technical studies for hillside irrigation around Kilimbi, Gaharwa and Rweru lakes (1000 Ha);

Gashora marshland (750 Ha) development works on going for rice cultivation. Marshland Development  Works progress estimated at 37% (May 2015) ; 

Protection of 2,303 ha of lake and marshland watersheds;

438 farmer field schools (FFS) set up and trained 8,573 farmers (52% of them are women) in modern agricultural techniques on banana, cassava, rice and maize farming;

Over 800 farmers were trained on fruits grafting for orchard development and 45000 grafted mangoes and avocadoes trees were established,

21987 seedlings of banana and 186000 pineapple plantlets produced through macropropagation were transplanted

Following Girinka Program criteria, 1445 cows distributed to beneficiaries (the project reaches at 89.7% of the end target). Pass on heifer gifts in the project zone: 148. 

1395 goats distributed to poor families, 121 goats were passed on the gifs, and all beneficiaries are organized in 7 cooperatives.  943 standards cowsheds were constructed.

All cows beneficiaries trained on livestock and 177 Para veterinaries were trained on the main cows’ diseases (symptoms, diagnostic, treatment, animal nutrition, animal reproductive health, hygiene and prevention); 

2 Milk Collection Centers (MCCs) constructed (equipped with coolers of 5000L capacity) at Ruhuha and Gashora. Over 260 beneficiaries were trained in accounting and management of credits, planning, small income generating projects formulation and marketing;

4 seeds storage facilities constructed at  Gashora, Rweru, Kamabuye and Ngeruka  (Storage capacity: 300 MT each);

Ongoing construction of  3 grain silos (6000MT capacity ) at 95% for civil works and 85% equipment installation;

2 Road market constructed at Gashora and Mayange sector. They started operating in July, 2014 and they are well used.

After the construction of community infrastructure facilities (2MCCs, 2 road markets and 4 seed storage facilities), the focus is now on capacity building of cooperatives of the infrastructure users/beneficiaries;

Technical studies for rehabilitation of rural access roads (54km) was done and handed over to the District. The District started works for 23.6 km (70% of works progress).

Contact details:



Project Coordinator 

TEL: 078850808

P. Box. 6587 Kigali