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Project Name: Livestock Infrastructure Support Programme (LISP)
Partners: Our partners are: Farmers cooperatives, Local and International NGO's
Funded By: African Development Bank (ADB)
Budget: 35.35 Million USD
Timeline: 4 Years, until 31 December 2015.
The goal of the LISP is the creation of an enabling environment that will stimulate the development of a modern livestock industry in Rwanda through value addition and access to markets.
The specific objective of LISP is to build the necessary infrastructure and services that will contribute to the development of a sustainable and profitable livestock production and marketing and overall improvement of the livestock industry in Rwanda.
Coverage: All Districts
Main activities:
The Livestock Infrastructure Support Programme (LISP)  focuses  on:
Rural infrastructure, especially :
(i)    water supply for livestock farmers and
(ii)    feeder roads to improve access for livestock farms;
(iii)    milk collection centers (MCCs) to increase the milk handling capacity and safety, improved marketing and slaughtering facilities for livestock.
The food security enhancement activities under the programme consist on
(i)    support to One Cow per poor family and
(ii)    up scaling of technologies and building capacity of cooperatives in order to raise the productivity of livestock farmers, and their competitiveness which would contribute significantly to the technological transformation of the dairy industry.
1. Construction of Milk Collection Centers (MCCs):

35 milk collection centers constructed in 20 Districts of: Gicumbi (3), Burera (1), Rulindo (1), Gakenke (2), Ruhango (1), Huye (2), Gisagara (1), Nyamagabe (1), Nyaruguru (2), Nyamasheke (1), Rusizi (1), Nyabihu (1), Rubavu (1), Ngororero (3), Rutsiro (3), Nyagatare (3), Gatsibo (2), Kayonza (2), Rwamagana (2) and Bugesera (2).All Milk collection centers are well equipped with the milk equipment which can assist in testing the milk before being chilled in the milk cooling tanks which were also provided. The installation of the milk equipment was well conducted and 29 of them are operating.
2. Capacity building of dairy farmers MCC cooperatives
A capacity building program for dairy farmers around MCCs was already developed and adopted by all the dairy sector development partners including: HPI, SNV, Land O`Lakes (RDCP II), Send A Cow Rwanda, CHF and EADD. Farmer trainings courses are ongoing in collaboration with development partners and are focusing on many topics among them we have: Milk handling at farms, Milk handling at the MCC, Hygiene and sanitation at the MCC, Veterinary service provision, Artificial Insemination service provision, Cooperative and MCC management skills, Milk data collection and Recording skills, etc... Over 40 trainers of dairy farmers around MCCs have been trained and 10,746 farmers trained (41% of them are women).
3. Livestock Watering System Development.
After completion of the feasibility study plus the tendering process, the Livestock watering system (LWS) construction works started in February 2013 for a period of 18 Months for site 1 located in Nyagatare District. The total livestock farms area (acreage) to be covered is 6,467 ha; the total number of Farms that will benefit from phase one of this project is 967 farms and 839 of them have been already identified. These farms are located in following administrative Sectors: Tabagwe, Rwempasha; Musheri and a small part of Rwimiyaga. The network pipeline length to cover is 287 Kms. The construction works are on-going and the overall works progress reaches at 90%.
4. Contribution to Mukamira Dairy
 "Mukamira Dairy Ltd" is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative created in 2010 by 12 local dairy farmers’ cooperatives and the Government of Rwanda and is implemented through the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) by the Livestock Infrastructure Support Programme (LISP). The Government of Rwanda/MINAGRI as the main shareholder in the company is therefore the leading shareholder. After completion of the feasibility study and the tendering process, construction works started in July 2012 and are so far at 95% of progress on civil works.  Overall progress estimated at 100% for the waste water treatment plant including 5 soak way pits and 1 hangar for which provisional reception is done: only testing once connected to the factory is still awaited. Works progress estimated at 98% for construction and supply of water tanksDelivery, installation and testing already done for the generator. Milk equipment delivery is at 75%.

Contact details:

Project Coordinator
TEL: 0788508082
P. Box. 6587 Kigali