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Veterinarians acquire new skills and equipment to boost genetic improvement


A total of 101 veterinarians from 17 districts have successfully completed a two-week training on genetic improvement and received quality equipment to boost artificial insemination (AI) in Rwanda.

The training, completed on December 23, 2016, was organized by Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors (RCVD) with support from Land O’ Lakes through its Rwanda Dairy Competitiveness programme II (RDCPII).

Dr Alphonse Nshimiyimana, the representative of Rwanda Council of Veterinary Doctors, says the training is in line with the genetic improvement policy in the country. 

The veterinarians received over 100 artificial insemination kits worth $138,501 and 56 of the kits were AI shields – a new special technology equipment that helps to safely preserve semen.

Dennis Karamuzi, the Rwanda Dairy Competitiveness Programme II (RDCP II) chief of party, said this will help improve the conception rate.

Karamuzi noted that over 12,000 cows were artificially inseminated in the 17 districts since the project started in 2012.

“What we want is to increase the conception rate for cows. Veterinarians should also follow up on the animals to ensure that the conception rate increases so that farmers do not encounter losses due to cow’s conception failure,” Karamuzi said, adding that they needed improved breeds that give high milk yield.

RCVD is planning to bridge the artificial insemination gap by training more inseminators and equip them with quality equipment before deploying them in areas where AI service is not adequately reaching dairy farmers.