Friday 24 February 2017 21:31

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Rwanda ranked among countries highly committed to tackling hunger in Africa

Rwanda has been ranked the 7th African country highly committed to tackling hunger and improving under-nutrition, according to a recent report by Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index Africa (HANCI-Africa). 

The ranking carried out on 45 African countries by HANCI-Africa was meant to encourage governments to evaluate their own efforts; and to prioritise appropriate action.

According to the ranking, only 9 African countries are ranked with highly commitment, 9 countries with medium commitment, 11 countries with low commitment, and 16 countries with very low commitment. 

Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index Africa (HANCI-Africa) ranks South Africa on top, followed by Malawi, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, and Rwanda while Sudan comes at the bottom. 

The HANCI-Africa ranking comes following a recent FAO report entitled “Crop Prospects and Food Situation” which ranked Rwanda among resilient countries in the region. The report, released in December last year, said that production prospects are mostly favourable in Rwanda, except in some eastern areas.

Over the last few years, many African countries have faced climate change issues including prolonged drought, floods and landslides; thus threatening food security in some countries. 

For more details on the Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index Africa (HANCI-Africa) ranking, please kindly follow this link: africa.hancindex.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2017/01/HANCI-InfoMap_English_web.pdf