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Rwanda Agriculture and Livestock Inspection and Certification Services


To enhance safe trade by limiting the introduction and the spread of new pests, and to improve the quality of agricultural and livestock products for export and also resolution and management of trade issues related to animal or plant health in order to meet the IPPC and WTO-SPS agreements.


This department  is responsible of the overall coordination of all the functions that the National Plant protection Services (NPPS) is supposed to fulfill such as the enforcement of the Rwanda plant health law and regulations for phytosanitary measures necessary for trade, Plant pest/disease monitoring, surveillance and diagnosis, conducting Pest Risk Analysis, and conduct inspection and certification. It will also deliver animal products certification services including enforcement of sanitary laws, monitoring and surveillance of animal diseases, and animal inspection and certification. In addition to this, it contributes to the preparation and the implementation of agrochemical law.

Contact details:

Director General: UWUMUKIZA Beatrice

E-mail: buwumukiza@minagri.gov.rw

List of Prohibited Pesticides in Rwanda

The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources published a List of Prohibited Pesticides in Rwanda
To View the list Click here

Protocols for importing Plants or Planting material into Rwanda.

Plants include (but are not limited to): Bananas, apples, tea (leaves for propagation), flowers, ornamental plants, pineapples, herbs, sugarcane, sweet potato vines, cassava cuttings,
Form of planting material: rooted and un-rooted cuttings, tissue culture plants, seedlings, leaves

Click Initiates file downloadHere to download the protocol.