One Cow per Poor Family Pro-gram “GIRINKA”

Project Name: One Cow per Poor Family Pro-gram “GIRINKA”

Partners: Line Ministries, Local NGOs, Interna-tional Organizations (Heifer International Pro-gram, Send a Cow, World Vision …)

Funded By: Government of Rwanda

Budget: Is determined annually

Timeline: 2006 - 2015


The program was set up with the central aim of reducing child malnutrition rates and increasing household incomes of poor farmers. These goals are directly achieved through increased access to, and consumption of milk, by providing poor households with a heifer. The program is crucial to addressing the fundamental needs of those parts of the country that are critically food insecure.

Coverage: (Districts in which the initiative operates): all districts

Main activities: - Selection of cows – Selection of beneficiaries – Preparation and training of beneficiaries – Distribution of cows – Regular and close follow-up of the distributed cows.

Achievements :

The GIRINKA program is transforming rural livelihoods and addressing poverty alleviation in Rwanda. The model is simple, the impact is great. One Cow brings nutrition, sustenance and employment, providing a stable income for a family and is a source of soil nutrients via manure to assist small scale cropping activity. To date, more than 203,000 families have now benefited from the program. However, many more families, some of the Rwanda’s most poor still eagerly await to receive the many benefits the program can bring.
The target is to reach 350,000 Rwandese families by 2017.


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Contact details:

Coordinator: Dr. Pascal NYABINWA
E-mail: ,  

Phone : 0785324631
Rwanda Agriculture Board(RAB)