Directorate General of Strategic Planning and Programs Coordination (SPPC)


The main objective is to coordinate the formulation of policies and sector strategies and to monitor and evaluate the implementation of agricultural sector programs.

Key outputs

- To ensure timely preparation of budget and operational action plans,
- To coordinate the preparation of short, medium and long term investment plans for agriculture sector;
- To monitor macroeconomic coherence in agriculture sector;
- To establish and develop working relationships with partners;
- To supervise and coordinate agriculture statistics activities;
- To coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of agricultural programs in   collaboration with the Directorates General of Crop and Animal Production;
- To produce regular reports for the agricultural sector;
- To coordinate new projects formulation;
- To coordinate multilateral and bilateral cooperation and reporting;

Contact Details:

Director General : Dr. SEMWAGA Octave


Tel: 0788810123

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